They’re in college. Can you believe it? Orphaned children attending and thriving in universities throughout India. The children who are lucky enough to get the support of people like you get everything they need to enjoy a childhood and become independent, successful adults.

Meera, a young lady at Anbarasi orphanage, told me she used to only think about her stomach. Being hungry every day consumed her thoughts and her energy. Once your donations were used to provide her with delicious, nutritious meals, her thoughts and attention immediately went to her studies. Today, she’s in college studying to be a Social Worker so she can give back to kids like herself.

Some kids dream about going to Harvard, Yale or Oxford. Orphans dream about going to elementary school.

Supporting over 50 higher education scholarship recipients is a huge success for us. Each of the scholarship recipients fills out an application, with information about the school they want to attend and their future academic, professional and personal goals. Then, they keep us informed of their grades throughout the year. Their applications are inspiring, and their hopes for their futures are boundless. These kids want to have a good life and they’re willing to work for it.

Generous people ask me every day, “How can I help?” Well, here it is folks: The most powerful way to help these children is to make a long-term commitment to them. A monthly donation from you means we can plan and budget and know how many kids like Meera we can say YES to. Knowing that your donation is going to come in every month is a game changer for us.

Here is how you can make a difference:

Rs. 15000/month: Teaches life skills education to 25 children
Rs. 5000/month: Gives the love of a housemother to 20 children without parents
Rs. 4000/month: Supports a child’s education for a sustaining future
Rs. 2000/month: Provides quality healthcare to a child
Rs. 1000/month: Provides nutritious meals to a child

If you’re donating monthly or annually already, THANK YOU! If you think you can stretch and do a little more, I’d love for you to consider that. If you’re not yet supporting us monthly, please think about doing so at You can make miracles for an orphaned child who truly needs one.