FAQs on Miracle Foundation India

What is the belief behind Miracle Foundation India?

Miracle Foundation India believes that every child deserves to live in a family. According to the UN rights of children, the first and foremost right of a child is “to live in a Family”.

How to donate online at Miracle Foundation India?

You can directly donate to Miracle foundation India by clicking on this link.

What will Miracle Foundation India do with my donation?

Miracle Foundation India is transparent, accountable, and financially healthy. Your money is spent wisely and 85% goes directly to our programs.

All Donations to Miracle Foundation India make a genuine difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children and we are proud to show the difference your support is making.

Will you send me an Income Tax Exemption Certificate?

Yes, every donation we receive is eligible for a 50% tax rebate. You will receive an 80G certificate as soon as you make the donation.

Does Miracle Foundation India work with third-party agencies for fundraising activities?

No, Miracle Foundation India doesn’t work with any third-party agencies for fundraising.

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