Thrive Scale

Measuring Progress

A Child First Approach that is Transparent, Measurable and Makes a Real Difference.

Good intentions are not enough.

At Miracle Foundation India, we use data to drive our decisions and ensure that all children thrive.

Our proprietary Thrive Scale™ Methodology allows us to measure progress and assess risk at every stage of our work. Developed over the past two decades, this one-of-a-kind tool is taking the guesswork out of orphan care...and has propelled Miracle Foundation India into a global non - profit organization for children.

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Before Children Go Home

For children currently living in institutions, our Thrive Scale works to ensure they are happy, healthy, loved and listened to. Using data points, based on the 12 UN Rights of the Child, caregivers are held to strict standards and evaluated quarterly on their ability to reach measurable milestones.

But, it’s more than just reaching better nutrition benchmarks and improved educational standards. Our holistic approach also looks to the future, asking hard questions and demanding real answers.

  1. How is a Child Care Institution (CCI) moving toward family-based care?
  2. How are children being evaluated and prepared to return home?
  3. Even: What comes next for caregivers and institutions when CCIs are less of a need?

After Children Go Home

Our work doesn’t stop when a child leaves a CCI. In fact, it is just beginning.

Our Thrive Scale™ Methodology is also applied as a family assessment tool, focused on five measurements of well-being; Physical & Mental Health, Education, Family & Social Relationships, Home Finances and Living Conditions.

What needs to happen to make a home safe? What support might be needed?

As with all of our work, follow up is critical. Social workers re-evaluate children and family situations on a monthly basis at first, with less and less oversight as conditions warrant.

It’s all about the data.

One of our core competencies is the ability to leverage technology, allowing our team to input results with smartphones in the field and get progress reports in real time.

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Scalable Success

We are partnered with hundreds of CCIs in India and have improved more than 15,000 young lives. But, our vision as a non-profit organisation that helps children extends beyond these initial successes. We are already sharing our methodology with all interested child-first organizations worldwide and we are part of a global network leading the effort to end the need for CCIs in our lifetime.

In other words, we are just getting started.

Have any questions about how we measure progress or want to get involved? Contact us at

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