Chirag is one of two orphanages under the umbrella organization Jeevodaya Society.

In the 1990s, Jeevodaya Society’s Founder Sister Clara spent her days caring for orphans living at a train station. The children survived by selling scraps and eating leftovers found in trashcans. Sister Clara saw them mistreated and abused and was compelled to take action to improve their situation. Moved by the terrible conditions in which they lived, she worked tirelessly on their behalf.

In 2001, the railway department was so inspired by her dedication they gave Sister Clara a small room in the station to care for and teach the children. By 2005, she was ready to support more children and built Chirag, a children’s home for girls.

Chirag is now home to 34 beautiful girls. They benefit from a strong support system, far from the cruelty and uncertainties of platform life. The girls truly embody the values of Sister Clara. They are expressive and love to speak their minds. Today they are living healthy lives in a loving and secure environment – watching movies and dancing whenever possible. They are excited about their futures and are always working to make it even better.

The Miracle Foundation began working with Chirag in December 2014. We provide the children with clothing, toiletries, school supplies, school uniforms, and tutoring. We are also working with Chirag’s management team to provide comprehensive healthcare, nutritious meals, life skills education, career counseling, and housemother training – all essential elements for transforming the orphanage into a loving home. Additionally, we have hired a full-time, on-site social worker to provide guidance to the children and staff.

We are thrilled to see how these changes have not only improved the children’s lives, but the lives of Chirag’s dedicated staff as well.

Thank you for helping to make their dreams possible!