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Orphanage Update: Cornerstone

This month, we are celebrating Cornerstone children’s home, which has graduated to become a Partner Home. This happens when an orphanage reaches and maintains 90%+ on the Miracle Foundation progress tracker, which measures how well a home is providing the children their rights. We are so proud of Cornerstone and its dedicated leader, Isaac!

Miracle Foundation Program Coordinator Christina, who visits Cornerstone every month to provide mentoring and support, sat down with Isaac, who was raised in a substandard orphanage and decided to create a loving home for orphans, to discuss what this amazing achievement means to him and the children.

Christina: How has your life changed since Miracle Foundation began working with Cornerstone?

Isaac: Wow, there has been a lot of change. The living conditions are so much better for the children. Their health has improved so much and they are going to much better schools. It’s fun to have Cornerstone be admired by the community. Cornerstone is now known as the best home in the district. We’re #1, and that feels so good!

Christina: What changes have you seen in the children at your home?

Isaac: The children have started to enjoy their lives. They have a real childhood now. I’ve seen family bonds develop as the housemothers take better and better care of “their” children.

Christina: What is the area where your home has improved the most?

Isaac: Education has dramatically improved. The tutors you provide are so helpful and loving to the children.

Christina: What is your dream for the children at your home?

Isaac: My dream is for all of the children to achieve their dreams and secure good jobs. With Miracle Foundation’s support, Cornerstone will continue to help orphans reach their full potential.

Congratulations to Isaac and Cornerstone for this incredible achievement!

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