Capacity Building

Training Available for Organisations Working in Childcare Domain

Our model is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, best practices, measurable standards and an extensive training curriculum for families, caregivers and children. To achieve our ultimate goal of a loving family for every child, we offer capacity-building trainings to governments, local leaders and other organizations supporting orphaned children. It’s all about children receiving the best care possible. Together, we can.

  1. Family-Based Care — Promotes reuniting children with their families or family care options for children without living family.
  2. Child Rights — Activates and assesses progress on the United Nations Rights of the Child.
  3. Child Protection — Creates an environment where every child is protected from neglect and abuse. Focuses on four areas: Awareness, Prevention, Responding and Reporting. Here is the Miracle Foundation Child Protection Policy.
  4. Mental Health Care — Promotes the well-being and development of children, ensuring that every child’s emotional and psychological needs are addressed by an experienced professional.
  5. Life Skills Education — Prepares children to make informed choices in their lives. Topics include: Child Rights, Self Awareness, Expressing Emotions, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Stress Management, Nutrition, Hygiene and more.
  6. Children’s Committees — Encourages children to participate in decision making and encourages the sense of belonging they so desire.

We readily provide consulting services to governments and organizations caring for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. And we make our capacity-building trainings available for other organizations striving to improve the quality of care for children. For more information, contact us at .