Our Proven Method in Journals and Publications

We advocate for every child to realize their rights, per the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. A family is the best place for a child to grow up, and that’s why our “Child First” approach focuses on reuniting children with their families.

Several international journals and publications have invited us to write about our proven method. You can read these articles here.

Transitioning Children from Institutional Care towards Family-Based Care

The study investigates the transition of children from three Indian Child Care Institutions to family-based care amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employing the JJA tools and Thrive Scale™ methodology, it emphasizes expedited case management for safe and permanent reintegration. Findings focus on reasons for child separation, reintegration nature, and necessary family support interventions.
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Trauma-Informed Care in the Childcare and Family Placement Process: Miracle Foundation’s Approach Within Alternative Care in India

Trauma-informed care (TIC) is critical in institutional settings to address not only the trauma of experiences that lead children to be enrolled into alternative care, such as childcare institutions (CCIs), but also the inherent trauma that comes from a child being separated from her or his family. This article looks at how Miracle Foundation applies principles of TIC at every stage: from intake and care at a CCI while awaiting placement, to preparing children and families for transition, and finally to supporting post-placement.
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Rights of Children in the Time of COVID-19

Miracle Foundation India has been an active member of Pro Child network since 2013 and is glad to be an eminent contributor in framing the policy document with the inputs related to the importance and functioning of alternative care for the children.
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2018 Charity Docket – Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Run for a Cause: Going the extra mile to get children in families
P N Narayanswamy – Care Champion Gold
December 2018
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2018 BICON Report

A Loving Family for Every Child: A Paradigm Shift from Institutional
Care to Family-Based Care Institutionalized Children
Explorations & Beyond March 2018
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2017 BICON Report

Transforming Institutions into Functioning, Loving Children’s Homes
Institutionalized Children Explorations & Beyond
March 2017
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