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The Body Shop India launches Be Seen Be Heard Movement

and most recently Light A Little Life with Miracle Foundation supporting children who lost their families and primary caregivers to the second wave of Covid19.

Top 5 NGOs for underprivileged families & children during COVID-19 (June 2020)

Playing its part in the fight against coronavirus, Miracle Foundation India is actively taking measures across CCIs (Child Care Institutes) to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread.

 Delhi Based NGO Ensures Children’s Right To Nutrition During Coronavirus Lockdown (June 2020)

Miracle Foundation India, a Delhi based non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works with Child Care Institutes (CCI) has stepped up for the nutritional needs of children and their families

Miracle Foundation Resolving Education Disruption in Remote Areas (May 2020)

Considering the situation of covid-19 where a large percentage of students are going through disruption in their studies due to no access to wifi and phones. Miracle Foundation India, an international non-profit organization strategically planned to execute educational activities for children with existing resources in Telangana.

Charities Benefit from Westlake CEO’s Program (April 2020)

Miracle Foundation is the honored recipient of Z-5’s new 50 for 50 charitable program.


 Great Care for Children During Coronavirus Lockdown by Miracle Foundation India (April 2020)

Covid-19 wreaks havoc across the globe, some do-gooders like the Miracle Foundation India (MFI), have come forward.

Women Entrepreneurs Working In The Time Of Pandemic To Help Underserved (June 2020)

Women entrepreneurs have today taken up the mantle of making basic necessities available for the underserved section of society.


Orphans, Child Laborers ‘Invisible and Uncounted’: Collateral Victims of Covid-19 Crisis (May 2020)

Children, especially from marginalized and invisible sections of the society, like the ones who live in child care institutions (CCIs), observation homes, as well as street children and child laborers, have been the silent collateral victims of the lockdown.


Mother’s Day 2020:Best Ways to Celebrate in Lockdown (May 2020)

There are a lot of ways to show your mom how much you love her on Mother’s Day 2020, but nothing hits quite like a gift that’s truly sentimental,

NGO’s Playing Crucial Role in Providing Food, Sanitation, Shelter for Needy (April 2020)

Caroline Boudreaux, founder, Miracle Foundation India, told ANI: “We supported children with an immediate cash transfer to their families, which will help them buy basic groceries and hygiene items for two months. We will also provide relief packages to Child Care Institutes (CCIs) to ensure the overall health and wellbeing of the kids for a period of two months.”

Here’s how NGOs are doing their bit in fight against coronavirus (June 2020)

People from all walks of life are coming forward with their contribution amid the coronavirus crisis. NGOs too are chipping in to lend a helping hand.


Parents and Caregivers to Support Children and Build Psychological Resilience (May 2020)

It is natural for children to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during an ongoing pandemic like COVID-19. Fear and anxiety about their own health and the health of loved ones can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions.

NGOs Ensuring Health and Hygiene of Underprivileged Communities During the Pandemic (April 2020)

Playing its part in the fight against coronavirus, Miracle Foundation India is actively taking measures across CCIs (Child Care Institutes) to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread. Children and staff who live in a properly sanitized environment are kept safe, in addition to supporting financially challenged families.

Miracle Foundation India to Ensure Food for Children During Lockdown (April 2020)

The Indian government has mandated a complete lockdown for all non-essential public and private entities, in view of safeguarding the populace from the coronavirus.


India’s Front-Running Women-Led Ventures Addressing Social Issues (Jan 2020)
Caroline Boudreaux listed as one of the top enterprising individuals who has contributed to the social and economic growth of India.

The Asian Age: Celebrate with a cause: In recognition of 30 year anniversary of the Rights of Child by UN (November 2019)
Miracle Foundation India encourages people to uphold children’s rights and help create a safe and loving environment for every child by strengthening family care.

The Pioneer: Eat Healthy Keep Fit (November 2019)
Right diet is important for both physical and mental wellbeing of a growing child. Our India Country Head, Nivedita DasGupta tells you how.

The Pioneer: World Mental Health Day (October 2019)
In light of this year’s theme, ‘Suicide Prevention’, Miracle Foundation India’s campaign was aimed at cultivating the social and emotional development of the children under their care.

CSR Mandate: Dreams Do Come True (September 2019)
Founder, Caroline Boudreaux talks to CSR Mandate about how Miracle Foundation provides new lease of life for orphaned and children from disadvantaged communities.

The Hindu Business Line: Back to the Warmth of a Family (July 2019)
Read some heart-warming and personal accounts of how Miracle Foundation’s family reunification efforts are impacting children in Kerala.

Business World: Continuum of Care in India – From Child Care Institution to Family (June 2019)
“Several psychology studies have indicated that living in a child care institution, away from family, can impact a child’s growth and development in a negative way.” – Nivedita DasGupta explains why it is for a child to grow in a family.

Your Story: Institutional Care: Impacts on Children (March 2019)
“Children who are raised under institutional care away from or in absence of their families are more likely to have limited positive impacts which often remain for the rest of their lives.” – Nivedita DasGupta talks about the impacts of institutional care on children.

The Week: Miracle Foundation India Announces Their Year-End Campaign to Provide Nutrition for Orphaned and children from disadvantaged communities (March 2019)
“Through this campaign, Miracle Foundation India aims to raise much-needed funds to provide children adequate and quality food, which enables their continuous and rapid growth and development. You can save tax by giving children the nutrition they need to thrive.

Her Zindagi: Overseas People Are Quite Willing To Volunteer In India Than Indians Themselves (December 2018)
“Corporate CSR funds are certainly more however, the individual donor base is steadily going up. We are always looking forward to more corporates & individuals joining us in creating miracles for children. There is so much more important work to be done.” – Nivedita DasGupta

Deccan Chronicle: Miracle Foundation – Bringing Miracles into Lives of Children (December 2018)
“From day one, we saw how much these children crave to meet their parents. These children are put into CCIs because their parents are poor and lack the resources to bring them up. But this separation is a heavy price to pay for being poor. This results in stunted mental growth and lack of affection and emotion among children” – Nivedita DasGupta

Deccan Chronicle: A Voice for the Little Ones (August 2018)
“We’re categorised as one of the most impactful non-profits as we have a proven methodology that works. We show donors that their investments are going into the minds, mouths, and stomachs of the children we serve, and our earnest work has paid off.” -Caroline Boudreaux

THE HANS INDIA: Family Care is a Child’s Right (June 2018)
“We all know children should be in loving families, so we are working to transition resources. And while children are in transition to a forever family, we guarantee a quality education, a loving environment so they are healthy. It’s the miracle each child deserves.”

IndiaCSR: Miracle Foundation associates with Dell to Raise Funds for Orphaned Children (March 2018)
“We are excited about our association and would like to thank Dell for their amazing support.” Caroline is grateful for Dell’s support to achieve our ultimate goal: A loving family for every child.

Feelings Magazine (Pages 54-57): No More Orphanages – Caroline Boudreaux, Founder, Miracle Foundation (February 2018)
“I have only one wish – a loving family & personalized care for every child.” Caroline talks about delivering a world where every child belongs.

Times of India (Aurangabad Edition): NGO works to ensure children are heard (February 2018)
Miracle Foundation India, in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra, conducted its 5th Centre for Excellence Training Programme in Aurangabad. The training covered a child’s right to be heard and participate.

Unkrate India: ‘Children are my inspiration’ – Caroline Boudreaux, Founder, Miracle Foundation (March 2017)
Caroline Boudreaux in an interview with Prateek Thakker spoke in length about Miracle Foundation, on starting it on Mother’s Day, her inspiration behind this initiative, her future plan, and other interesting details.

Deccan Herald: Her goal is to nurture orphans (February 2017)
As Caroline rocked a little girl to sleep and went upstairs to put her to bed, she was shocked to see the room filled with hard, wooden-slatted beds. “As I laid Shibani down on those wooden boards, I broke down. Right then, I decided I had to do something. That is when the idea for the Miracle Foundation was born.”

The Hans India: Education: The passport to a child’s future (February 2017)
We have definitive proof that our education interventions are working! One hundred percent of the children we support are enrolled in school, compared to India’s secondary school enrollment rate of 56% (USAID). Ninety-eight percent of the children we support pass 10th standard, compared to India’s passing rate of 42% (Brookings Institute). And we support 174 children in higher education, who are studying subjects from social work to engineering.

Society Magazine: Miracles Happen! (January 2016)
Caroline Boudreaux founded the Miracle Foundation so that underprivileged children in orphanages could get, apart from food, also clothes, shelter and a healthy environment to grow.

IndiaCSR: We are exploring partnerships with state Govt. and organizations in orphan care space (January 2016)
Since our founding in 2000, we’ve worked on and honed a proven, replicable, repeatable model that improves the quality of care in children’s homes—and now have partnered with the Government of Maharashtra to bring this methodology to orphanages across the state, starting with government-run orphanages.

NewsGram: NGO Miracle Foundation Raises over Rs. 650,000 with Global Citizen Festival in India (November 2016)
The total funds collected at the end of this online crowdfunding campaign will be used for providing educational opportunities and scholarships to orphaned children in India through the NGO’s Programmes.

The Hindu: Fete featuring Coldplay to raise funds for orphans (October 2016)
Caroline Boudreaux, the founder of Miracle Foundation, said,” Together we look forward to making a huge impact on some of the most disadvantaged children in our society today”.

The New Indian Express: Concert Cause (October 2016)
It’s the Miracle Foundation, based out of Delhi and the US that’s partnered with Global Citizen to bring Coldplay to India, in a bid to raise funds for orphans in the subcontinent.

Verve Magazine: An Insight into Miracle Worker Caroline Boudreaux’s Journey (September 2016)
The Miracle Foundation doesn’t set up orphanages but supports already-established ones and the funds are given after monthly checks on the children’s progress.

The Indian Eye: A Unique Gift To Honor Moms this Mother’s Day (May 2016)
Each of Miracle’s housemothers acts like a mom to the 20 orphaned children in her care, creating an environment where they can truly thrive. These incredible women raise the boys and girls the charity supports into smart, strong, compassionate, and self-sustaining men and women.

IndiGo In-Flight Magazine, Hello 6E: Handled with care (May 2016)
The Miracle Foundation works towards nurturing and empowering children without parents so that they can realize their full potential and grow up to be gainfully employed, self-sustaining members of society. Children are raised under the care of the foundation’s housemothers, who are each responsible for no more than twenty children, ensuring that each child receives individual attention.

The Indian Eye: Texas Woman Founds Charity to Help Indian Orphans Thrive (April 2016)
Orphanages that partner with Miracle are provided with paired funding and capacity-building training to provide a better quality of care for their children. They receive various kinds of help to bring their operations up to a high standard – from housemother training to computers loaded with accounting software.

Indian Express (Belgaum Edition): Women Celebrate Their Day (March 2016)
The women staff of Asha Kiran including the cook, assistant cook, sweeper, housemother, and others were felicitated on the occasion. The children of Asha Kiran performed and organised games for the entertainment of the women staff.

Daily Hunt India: Mohan Babu’s birthday: No bouquets, money please (March 2016)
For his birthday on March 19, actor Mohan Babu has asked his well-wishers not to spend on garlands and bouquets and to instead send the money to [Miracle Foundation India].

Indian Express: Texas Woman Founds Charity (March 2016)
To date, Miracle Foundation has given 2,000 orphans in 22 orphanages a childhood that would have otherwise been impossible. What’s more, the children grow up in a happy, healthy, loving environment and can look forward to a future that includes vocational training or even a college education. Mohan Babu has asked his fans to donate money to Miracle Foundation (March 2016)

Deccan Chronicle: Mohan Babu’s birthday: No bouquets, money please (March 2016)
I have come across Miracle foundation recently and I am very impressed with the huge difference they have made in the lives of 3,000 odd orphan children. -Mohan Babu

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Miracle Foundation Coverage - Entrepreneur India Magazine - Page No - 57, December issue, 2020