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Jitesh Wins “Best Student Award”

Jitesh, a 15-year-old boy at Bal Asha Ghar children’s home in Maharahstra, was dropped off at the home two years ago. He has no parents or relatives who can care for him—he has nowhere else to go.

Yet, Jitesh has a family. The loving caregivers and other kids at Bal Asha Ghar provide a stable, nurturing environment. And despite his difficult childhood, Jitesh is bright, well-mannered, and respectful to everyone he meets.

Thanks to you, Jitesh is receiving a quality education. He’s gotten the support of after-school tutors in math, English, and science and understands the importance of getting a quality education. Jitesh is in 10th grade and about to receive the aptitude testing and career counseling we provide to every child in our care.

On January 28, Jitesh was awarded the “Best Student Award” from his school. Upon receiving the award, Jitesh was overwhelmed and moved to tears. Bal Asha Ghar’s leader Mr. Khandagale was there for the award ceremony and gave Jitesh a great big hug.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Jitesh responds “My dream is to join the Indian military. For now, I know it’s important to keep studying all the subjects, but my favorites are math and science. Those are the subjects that come most easily to me, and I look forward to those classes in school.”

In his free time, Jitesh loves to play sports and draw. He says, “Drawing is my favorite hobby. I also enjoy watching funny cartoons.”

Jitesh, congratulations! We’re so proud of you, and know that—with your continued hard work—all your dreams will come true.

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