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Introducing Rukmabai Home for Girls

We’re excited to welcome the 66 girl children at the Rukmabai Child Care Institution (CCI) into the Miracle family! Located in Maharashtra, Rukmabai was established by Rural Foundation in 2007.

Rural Foundation was founded by Mr. Prakash Patil in 1994, after he completed his Master’s in Social Work and worked with the International Rural Educational & Cultural Association in Maharashtra. Mr. Patil spent two years conducting surveys, identifying various needs in the Nandurbar District, and then decided to start an NGO of his own: Rural Foundation. Mr. Patil was motivated to alleviate the plight of local children, especially girls without parental care. Thus, the Rukmabai CCI for girls was founded.


The girls at Rukmabai share a fierce sisterly bond. They spend much of their free time together, singing and drawing. The housemothers at the home make sure to teach the girls about important women in history. In fact, each family group is named after an inspiring woman!

The Rukmabai campus has 4 dorms, an active kitchen, a big hall, and three bathrooms. Each girl has her own bed, locker, and personal space.