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Young Naveen Living His Big Dream

Naveen is a bright 18-year-old boy from New Life children’s home in the Indian state of Telangana. Before being placed at New Life in 2008, Naveen had a very difficult, traumatic childhood. But thanks to the loving, nurturing support of his housemother and the other kids at New Life, Naveen is now happy and healthy—and living his dream!

Naveen is one of the 158 children we’re supporting in higher education. He’s pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management at Sun International College for Catering & Hotel Management in Hyderabad. It’s almost unheard of for children without parents to pursue advanced degrees in India, but we’re committed to children from the day they arrive at a children’s home until they graduate and become independent adults.

Before living at New Life, Naveen studied at a local government school. But Mr. Vinay Kumar, the leader of New Life, understands the importance of a quality education, so he placed Naveen at Brilliant Grammar School, where he studied in English.

Thanks to the support of Miracle Makers like you, we were able to provide Naveen after-school tutors, a library and computer lab in his home, career counseling and aptitude testing.

Naveen has a keen interest in the hospitality industry, so he took the National Council for Hotel Management entrance exam, and scored in the 97th percentile! After receiving that amazing score, Naveen quickly received admission at Sun International College.

For enhanced training and additional experience, Naveen will spend his final year at Sun International College doing a hands-on internship in a hotel in the Middle East!

When asked where he sees himself a few years from now, Naveen responds, “Although I enjoyed science the most in school because of the in-depth understanding of things it gave me, my dream job is to be a chef in a 5-star hotel in a foreign country.”

This is a new dream. When Naveen was younger, he couldn’t even fathom having a dream that big. Naveen adds, “I was uncertain and hopeless. I wasn’t sure I would even have shelter, or any security in my life.”

In his free time, Naveen loves playing cricket, cooking, eating and even singing. He is very grateful to Mr. Vinay Kumar and Miracle Makers like you for instilling the importance of education in him, and making his big dream a reality.

Naveen, we’re so proud of you! We know that—with your continued dedication and passion—all your big dreams will come true.

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