One can literally  snuffle Christmas at Bethel already. Last week during our visit, we conducted a Christmas ornament making activity for kids. The kids made miniature Christmas trees with paper plates and paints.

The kids decorated their Christmas trees with stickers, glitters and colourful stones.A special mention goes out to the children’s recreation committee, who self-appointed them to the groups of younger children and guided them with the activity.

The cream on the cake was that even before the activity was over, the older children brought in short Christmas trees for the younger ones to hang their ornaments on.The younger children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Towards the end of the session, they also sang carols and shared their wishes for this Christmas.

The sisters have also organized for the age-old custom of Secret Santa, wherein all the children will pick a name each and become that child’s secret santa. On the Christmas, the secret Santa’s will gift their secret kids and be their family.