Ananth in Tamil means ‘happy’ and true to the meaning of his name, Ananthkumar is  happy and thriving today. Having lost his mother at a very young age, Ananthkumar came to live in Cornerstone children’s home way back in 2008.

A heart to heart conversation with a caregiver at his home, made him tell his story. He says, he feels happy that he goes to school. His older sister is at Cornerstone too and both of them are studying well. He loves being around with the other children and feels happy with them. He sleeps on a cot with a mattress,enjoys playing football and aims to become an IPS officer some day.

Last Diwali, he was upset that he could not go home like few other children. But Mr. Issac and the caregivers made his Diwali beautiful. They were given new clothes too wear, crackers to burst and celebrated with joy. He quips with excitement, when he shares that he ate a sweet called, ‘Kollukatai’ which he has never seen in his life.

He believes that Cornerstone will always take care of him and support his ambition in life. He prays everyday for his home to thrive so that Cornerstone can take care of more children like him and his sister.

This short excerpt from his conversation made us feel happy that children do feel the difference that is being made in their lives and appreciate it too. There are several children like Ananth who now have a family to call their own and are hopeful that lives will only get better.