During the monitoring visit to Cornerstone in November, Program Coordinator Neeta conducted the team training with a twist. After dividing into four groups, the housemothers, cleaners, administrative and finance staff made presentations about the training topics. Each team prepared presentation charts with photographs on it and explained their part to the audience very well.

Housemothers, Social Worker and the Finance administrator during the meeting

Finance administrator making his presentation

This was the first time amongst all our homes, that the housemothers and other support staff had made presentations. Although a first time experience, the housemothers left us impressed and in awe. They were thoroughly guided and supported by their chief functionary and social worker on their presentations. The finance and governance in-charge also contributed to the meeting and was appreciated.

One of the housemothers with the cook and the social worker


At Miracle, we are proud that we are not only supporting the children in their over-all development but also our staff at the homes. A loud round of applause and appreciation goes out to the Cornerstone team. Way to go!