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Meet the Girls at Balgram Bhaje

We are thrilled to begin working with the team at Balgram Bhaje! Located in the foothills of mountains and near historical caves in Maharashtra, Balgram Bhaje is surrounded by papaya and mango trees and home to 121 girls, ages 6-18.

The Child Care Institution (CCI) was established by Social Action for Manpower Creation (SAMPARC), an NGO founded by Mr. Amit Kumar Banerjee and Ms. Lata Pande. In 1990, they realized the need for a home for children without parental care, and created the Balgram Bhaje CCI for girls.

The Balgram Bhaje campus is comprised of six cottages, with 12 or 13 girls living in each. A housemother lives in every cottage to look after the girls and create a stable, loving, nurturing environment for them.

For the last 25 years, Balgram Bhaje has been home to Mrs. Kanta Katkar, who looks after the health of the girls and staff at the home.

The girls love to do arts & crafts and play sports—their many medals and trophies are displayed in the main hall. The girls are active in the local community, participating in various cultural and educational activities throughout the year.


We look forward to working with Balgram Bhaje’s wonderful leadership, caregivers, and children, and we are delighted to take you along on this journey as we nurture the hearts, minds, and bodies of these precious girls!