Miracle Foundation conducts life skills education modules for children at all the homes. Cornerstone recently experienced its first session. The children were introduced to the basics of life skills and were taken through the module on effective communication .

The children participated enthusiastically in the brainstorming games, interactive sessions and discussions. The learning was made more fun with games like Chinese whisper, Dumb C and drawing for story telling.

For one of the modules, groups of five children each were given Panchantantra tales. These tales are moral stories depicted through animal characters. They were asked to identify the life skills used by the characters in the story and the life skills they could have used but failed to use it.The groups were asked to depict the story and the identified life skills through drawings .

The story of the selfish crocodile and the wise monkey

Groups interacted healthily amongst themselves before they presented in front of their fellow audience

One of the groups very creatively depicted the story of the thirsty crow. It was amazing to see how the same story was depicted by another group differently but as creatively .

Our motif was to help these children develop their communication skills and make them aware of the life skills they often use. The children has their own fair share of questions and were curious about every activity.