Woke with great anticipation to have another excursion with our kids. This time we are going to a National Park and taking 60 kids on a walk through some beautiful forest and around a lovely water fall. The recent rain of the monsoon season has risen the water and it now flows and meanders through the forest. After 20 minutes of walking we come to a beach (now affectionately called Miracle Beach) and we decide to cool our feet in the water. Well, I can’t tell you how it started but the next thing you know, all the kids have shoes off, boys have shirts off, water fights ensue, everyone is floating down the river like they were born Austinite River Rats and even the housemothers are in on the fun. Sand castle’s are built, beach balls are flying, and everyone is thoroughly soaked! When I ask the Ambassadors how a lovely walk deteriorates to 60 soaked kids and 5 waterlogged Ambassadors, al they say is “the kids started it!” I said “yah, right”. Let it be known it was Courtney who splashed first!

Wet but happy, head to Khunti town to purchase bracelets for the Raki celebrations, a day when sisters tie a string bracelet to their brother’s right wrist. All the girls got to choose the Ravis and give their brothers sweets. This was such a cute ceremony. The ladies even gave Josh and Austin a bracelet!

Another packed day at Sooch Village and we have only just begun. Onward to Rourkela tomorrow and the Ambassadors fist Indian train trip!