Sooch Village to Rourkela

Day starts at 6:15am  to meet our kids before they catch the bus to their new English Medium School.
This is a big day because they are in their new blue and gray plaid uniforms and they are looking sharp.
The housemothers are all there to see them off.  But before they get on the bus, they sing
their prayers. This is a very prestigious school and they are happy to make the 30 minute bus ride over
bumpy roads.
Today is second day for Raki holiday and is a holiday for the government schools. So the ambassadors
continue to work to produce videos, and pictures of the children. Austin and Josh played mailman and
delivered the mail from the sponsors which produced lots of smiles.  Courtney and Katy managed to get lots of photos
of many of the babies with the help of our wonderful Housemothers.
Early afternoon and we are packed up and headed for our first Indian train ride.  We have
only 5 minutes to get huge American luggage onto very cramped train but we manage.
A long train ride with pleasant interaction with the locals and we find ourselves in
nice hotel eating a wonderful Indian meal.
So looking forward to meeting the 109 children at Rourkela tomorrow!