This was definitely the day of reckoning for the travelers. India either makes you or breaks you and generally you find out pretty early in the trip which it will be. I am glad to say that our student travelers may be tired but they are hanging in there and ready for more. It takes a lot to wear out the kids at Sooch and the students are giving it their best shot!

Today started for Katy and Austin with a run at 7am out to a local village and for some playing with the kids before they go to school. Shopping, which sounds easier than you think in India, took Katie, Gracie and Lizzie on an adventure. Courtney, Austin and I painted doors and trim. Josh took out one of the bikes to meet the locals. Lacey is baby-mad and can usually be found in a cottage 11 where there are 4 cuties. And me… I had one of the most relaxing days I have ever had in India. I sat with toddlers for hours just watching them explore, share, and be regular kids. Their house-mothers bustled around them like regular moms and made sure I had put clean clothes in them before I let them explore with their neighbors next door. Talk about your proud mothers!

The day ended with the whole group including 74 kids piling into 4 cars (yes, 4, its the Indian way) and paying a visit to a deer sanctuary. It was the kids first excursion out of Sooch and very exciting. The park is beautiful with wild deer roaming in large paddocks. The rain has turned Indian vegetation green and colorful. The park ends with a playground and the kids had their playtime there on the swings, see-saws, merry-go-round (which they had never seen) and more. Rain chased us back to Sooch Village where the travelers practically fell asleep
at the dinner table!