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Welcoming Cornerstone!

The Cornerstone Child Care Institute (CCI) is located on 6 acres of land in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The CCI was founded in 2005 by Mr. Isaac Arulappan.

Mr. Isaac had lost his parents when young and was raised in a CCI where he was mocked for his caste identity, bullied and abused. He studied hard in school and aspired to go to college, but the management at his CCI preferred for him to go to vocational training. Being a dedicated and driven young man, he completed his education, worked for some time and then began planning to open his very own CCI – where all children would thrive.

In 1993, Mr. Isaac formed an organization, Deva Kirubai Social Help Association (DKSHA), and began raising funds to build the orphanage. He opened Cornerstone in 2005 with only five children, with the intention to provide the best care possible to the children, something he could not access as a child. Cornerstone is now a loving home to 78 children: 48 boys and 30 girls.

The campus at Cornerstone features separate dormitories for boys and girls, a dining hall and kitchen, and a study hall with lots of books. Before receiving Miracle Foundation’s support, Cornerstone had a housemother to child ratio of 1:30 which will now be lowered to 1:20. Education has always been important at the home – Mr. Isaac got all the children free admission to a local private school! However, there is still much that needs to be strengthened in education. We will help Cornerstone hire tutors and roll out additional educational interventions based on student performance.

Cornerstone started working with Miracle Foundation in August 2013. Miracle Foundation is providing the children with new clothing, undergarments, shoes, personal toiletries, school supplies, school uniforms and three dedicated tutors. We are working with the Cornerstone team to provide comprehensive healthcare, nutritious meals with milk, vegetables, fruit, and protein, clean water, and training sessions to equip their housemothers to better care for the children. Additionally, we have hired an on-site, full time social worker to join this organization to provide professional guidance to the children and staff.

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to partner with the incredible leadership, caregivers and children at this home. We are thrilled to take you along on this journey as we nourish the hearts, minds and bodies of the precious children at Cornerstone!