Another hugely successful day with the kids and the travelers. The dentists are blown away by the toughness of these kids. Through teeth pulling and more, these kids barely shed a tear! And in some cases, a quick rest and they head right out the door for more play! We took a  spin past the new site for the Austin Ventures Home for Children and the boundary wall is lookin’ good. We can already see our kids playing on the cricket pitch and walking up the road to their school. Very inspirational.

Back to Sooch Village

Even dog tired this morning at 4.30am, everyone was excited to start their last train trip back to Ranchi. Courtney was especially excited to be able to see Priety again, and cutie in Cottage 14 who never stops smiling. 5 hours of sleep on the train later and we are heading for Sooch Village. The medical team are greeted by a well-oiled machine in the form of the staff and housemothers. The system starts and in three hours they were able to see over 50 kids! Their condition is excellent and the team is blown away by the hygiene and medical routines they have already implemented here.

After the delicious meal served again bby Nanke and co, we head to bed for an early, and peaceful sleep at Sooch.