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Day 8 Bhawani

Wow, what a day! I didn’t think we could top such a successful first day with the medical team, but we did . . . in spades.

We left Rourkela early in order to drive the 2-hour, bumpy road toward Jharsuguda, near the Bhawani Home for Children. Bhawani can be a bit intimidating when you first arrive because there are so many children, but they very quickly put you at ease with their smiles and their welcome song.

I was so impressed with the efficiency of the team after only one day of working together. This is due to the incredible teamwork displayed by the volunteers, the highly organized housemothers and directors from the homes, as well as some pretty tough kids who sat almost silently through 3 exams! Add to that, the lessons learned at Rourkela and we managed to see 90 kids today! And, on top of it all, we had time for fun. Dr. Elizabeth, the dentist, took part in playing duck, duck, monkey (not goose, as we Americans call it) and we all lined up to play a ruthless game of “bulldog” with almost 200 kids!

The day ended on time, so we were able to even enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant and have a few round of cards. Perfect!