After another American Airlines flight 292 from Chicago to Delhi, I am back at Sooch Village to work with our Sponsorship Coordinator Sushma to make The Miracle Foundation’s program the best it can be.

Sushma is responsible for updating the children’s information in our online database, as well as ensuring proper communications from the children to their sponsors with my help of course. I am here to learn about Sushma’s current tasks and her schedule and to find out how we can make communication between India and America easier. Together, we should build a fantastic program.

I can tell you that after my second arrival in India, only a month and a half after the first arrival, the excitement of being in such a magnificent country has not been lost. The feeling of arriving at the under-construction Delhi airport was less a shock than it was the first time, as I found myself maneuvering the terminal with an ease and confidence that would have been impossible to have on my first trip.

Any confidence I had on that first trip came from our indispensable, irreplaceable, (infamous?) and brilliant travel coordinator Barbara. Since I am alone on this trip, my confidence will have to come from seeing this terrain before. Wish me luck.

I am currently outside of Ranchi, Jharkand, India, at The Miracle Foundation’s newest orphanage – Sooch Village. The orphanage was officially opened in March 2008 and there are still tweaks being made to the administration building as well as many cottages still under construction. It’s a great feeling being able to come back here a second time and be familiar with the staff and the surroundings.

The plan is to travel with Sushma to our different orphanges and learn what can and can’t work for the sponsorship program. My philosophy and strategy for the program comes from one of those terribly clichéd, workplace team building sessions – What program would you create if you had no limitations? That is start of my thought process and we won’t disappoint.

Being the Web Manager as well, I’ve tasked myself with leveraging technology in a way like no other sponsorship program in the world has done. Part of this trip will help figure out how, over the long run, technology will bring the sponsors and the children of The Miracle Foundation closer together.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I look forward to updating you again on my travels and I hope you look forward to reading more.