With a half dozen of the cottages at Sooch Village still under construction, there is a flurry of activity going on inside the orphanage walls. Right now, a saw is buzzing outside my window, cutting wooden boards. Men are banging on the windows, adding screens and metal barriers to the frames of the windows.

There are probably about ten men working on the cottages during the day. Just today I saw them working on the stone steps of one cottage; hoisting a water container to the top of another; grinding stones next to another building; and ferrying the house mothers via motorcycle to Ranchi to get baby’s milk.

This is in addition to the usual work of the other staff here – the accountants working on the computers; sweeping and washing the floors of the administration building; and of course cooking for me!

Sushma and I have been working great together and the only impediment to success is the shaky internet. I am going to hopefully address that situation here and somehow, I don’t know yet, get reliable internet to Sooch Village.