Well, it was bound to happen sometime, right?

I began feeling ill late Saturday night and much of today, Sunday, was spent battling wacky body temperatures and trips to the bathroom. Needless to say, it wasn’t as productive of a day as I would have liked. I suspect it was something I ate on Saturday but I’m not sure what. Maybe the American Style Sour Cream & Onion Lays potato chips?

Sushma did a great job of rounding up the kids to write letters to their sponsors and I’ll take a look at those letters tomorrow. We’re slowly but surely building this program to be the best it can be.

Tonight, I’m going to bed early to hopefully wake up around 11 PM to watch/listen to my beloved Kansas City Chiefs inevitably get destroyed by their intra-divisional rivals the Denver Broncos.

On top of a stomach ache, I look like I have the chicken pox from the literally dozens of mosquito bites I’ve gotten. I sprayed my room with bug spray earlier today, shut the door for ten minutes and came back to at least thirty dead mosquitoes on the floor and in my bed.

Hopefully I wake up tomorrow well rested and nausea free.