Anbarasi, a children’s home in Tamil Nadu entered The Miracle Foundation’s N.E.S.T. in May. As we Nurture, Empower, Strengthen and Transform orphanages in India, we’re constantly amazed at the impact we have on the children.  In just one month, the changes at our newest home have been nothing short of miraculous.

In April, Anbarasi had 2 caregivers for 157 children, and now 6 caregivers and a social worker provide the children with the love and care that they deserve.

Housemother training started and is helping women learn about child development, how to cope with stressful situations and how to better care for the children.  The women love it and are excited to have support and a chance at an education.

Instead of 2 meals a day, children at Anbarasi receive 3 delicious, nutritious meals and a healthy snack in the afternoon.

The children have no way of understanding what love and nurturing are finally in store for them.  Their world is about to get so much better!  In October, a team of 20 volunteers from Whole Foods Market will be installing a real bathroom block for them.  The children will experience running water for the first time in their lives and take part in building and painting their new hygiene block.  Their lives will never be the same.  Disease will be reduced and their health will improve.

This is only the beginning!  As we continue to work closely with this home, children will get Life Skills Education, Housemothers will continue to get training, and mattresses, clothing, shoes, and toys are right around the corner for them.  Who knew changing the world would be so simple?

Thank you for being a part of this miracle.