The Miracle Foundation is proud to announce the arrival of our newest children’s home, Deepalaya, a home for 61 boys and 40 girls. This home rests in a rural area, surrounded by mustard fields about two hours south of Delhi. The home was founded in 2000 by Mr. T.K. Matthew to care for homeless children. The buildings are in good condition: one dormitory for girls and one for boys. The children speak Hindi and a little English.

Deepalaya is unique in its close relationship to the surrounding community. Local volunteers frequently stop by to engage with the children and deliver needed goods and services. The children attend a good, nearby school that serves 550 children. Thanks to The Miracle Foundation, Deepalaya will soon have additional housemothers and a social worker on site, as well as more nutritious meals with protein, better health care, clean water, tutors, and housemother training.

Welcome Deepalaya!