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Children’s Committees at Anbarasi

So many changes have happened at Anbarasi since the home joined the Miracle Foundation family in January 2012. One significant advance is the children’s committees. House mothers serve as leaders of each committee, which takes ownership of a certain area that contributes to the health and well being of the whole home.


The Recreation Committee plans and decorates for holidays, organizes group games, and dreams of someday having a cricket field. They want to make Anbarasi a beautiful place. They envision two large hedges on either side of the front gate, growing together at the top to form a Namaste, or praying hands.

The Food Committee is in charge of educating and promoting health among the children.  They encourage the children to eat more fruits and vegetables and help to plan the menus.


The Education Committee gives private lessons to students who need help with their schoolwork. This committee includes some of the best scholars at Anbarasi. They also encourage students who need help to go to tutoring. Their goal is for all the children to pass Standard Ten (equivalent to a high school diploma in the U.S.).

The Hygiene Committee makes signs to place all over the home, reminding children to wash their hands, pour water down the commode, and to remember to wear shoes. Their goal is to perform a hygiene skit at the next celebration. They are frustrated over the lack of water to wash their hands often. They assigned one boy to be in charge of turning off the taps.

The Gardening Committee cultivates a vegetable garden.  They grow chillies, tomatoes, and other vegetables that are used in cooking their meals. They had a tremendous tomato crop and were extremely proud. Their goal it produce more food for daily consumption.

June 12, 2013 CATEGORY: CCI