The Miracle Foundation’s Ambassador Travel Program is an integral part of our foundation and a great way for people to see first-hand the work we do. Those who have traveled to India with us, often come home with plenty of life-changing stories. For some, the poverty in India may come as a shock, especially in comparison to the comfortable lifestyles we lead in the United States. Thanks to our generous donors, board of directors, sponsors, volunteers, staff members, and ambassadors the children of The Miracle Foundation family are in a far better environment than the millions of abandoned or orphaned children who might never receive such care.

Our first travel trip of the year will begin on March 12th. Seventeen students from UT will make the long journey to Delhi, India and have their own unique experiences with the children of The Miracle Foundation. Michelle Goodwin, of the University Catholic Center, contacted TMF explaining that a large group of students were interested in spending their spring breaks on a voluntourism trip. Several students filled out applications to be a part of the March Ambassador group, but only seventeen of them were selected.

Barbara, our travel director, has been happily busy filling them in on the details. During their 10 days in India, they will visit Sooch Village and Rourkela orphanages.  Barbara and her assistant Anna have been tirelessly preparing travel itineraries and brochures, processing visas, and even held a travel orientation for the students to learn about what to expect in India and cultural differences.

No doubt the University Catholic Center students are in for unforgettable experience that will allow them to share their love and compassion with our adorable kids!

We have three more trips planned this year, but space is limited. We only have about 6 spots available in the May and June trips. The dates are:

  • March 19-28
  • May 24- June 8
  • June 20- July 8

There is another trip in October that is open to medical professionals, as well as individuals and groups willing to act as support staff while the medical professionals take care of any health-related issues.

Traveling to India with TMF is a fantastic way to see the world while caring for some of the most deserving children. We hope you will consider the opportunity!

All the ins and outs about the tours can be found on our website at Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!