As we prepare for our first trip of the year, we are happy to announce that all our children in the orphanages will receive correspondence from the States! Thank you to all of our sponsors for working so hard to get your letters and packages ready to go!

Also, we would like to thank Andrea Burrell, her daughter, Sydney, and some of her daughter’s friends at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School for writing letters to the children who don’t have sponsors, or who haven’t received mail in a while.

The Burrells have been volunteering with The Miracle Foundation since 2006, and for the past 2 ½ years, Sydney has recruited her friends, teachers, and family members to write to The Miracle Foundation kids! Sydney has even mentioned that she will continue with this effort even after she is off at college next year. What dedication! Their letters were beautiful and creative, and the children will light up when they see them (see a picture below of their amazing work).

We would also like to say a special thanks to Laura Erickson, and Mrs. Powell’s 5th grade and Ms. Lee’s second grade classes at Bridgepoint Elementary. Laura is a volunteer for TMF and her son attends Bridgepoint, so she had the great idea of getting his school involved by writing letters to the MF children. Both Ms. Powell and Ms. Lee had their students write letters to the orphans about their favorite foods, pets, family members, and things they are learning in school.  The students even included a photo of themselves with the letters.

Laura also had a “letter writing party” for some of the kids in her neighborhood. Laura said, “I was touched by the enthusiasm that these children showed in doing this project. They asked lots of questions and were amazed at how happy the children seemed to be in the videos despite their circumstances.” We know the children of The Miracle Foundation will really appreciate being able to connect with other kids their age.

Everyone at TMF is truly grateful to all of you who have worked so hard to make parentless children feel so loved!!!

Laura’s Neighborhood Kids Hard at Work

Sydney Burrell and Friend’s Amazing Art Work