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Teaching through Story Pedagogy: Teacher’s Training

Miracle Foundation provides coaching support to children in the orphanages, studying in government and private schools. Regular tuition support is provided to children who have attained the basic grade level competencies, but are not clear on some higher order concepts. In order to give a fillip to the teacher’s content knowledge, beliefs, and values, Miracle Foundation plans to provide focused intervention through training and capacity building of tutors and teachers, for the purpose of transacting subject-specific lessons, through innovative pedagogical methods. We want to transform the teacher into a ‘reflective practitioner’ who is herself a thinker, learner and above all a knowledge originator. We insist on quality education of teachers that will help them bring sustainable enjoyment to all children.

To develop this quality and capacity, we approached Katha- a non-profit organization working with and in story and storytelling for 22 years now and requested them to organize a training of their trainers (TOT) for our Program team. The following needs were addressed during the workshop.

• Designing pre and post assessment tools to assess the effectiveness of training.
• Orientation of staff on module/TOT.
• Assess the basic competency of children in reading and writing
• Enable teachers practice competency based teaching methodologies that enhances the basic language and mathematical competencies among children
• To make sure that all children achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills/competencies that are expected
• To establish effective and quality mentoring, monitoring and supervision mechanisms within children’s homes to focus on quality education.

This 4 day workshop intensively trained our team to equip the teachers with skill sets and techniques to be more effective in communicating with their students. Our team has begun training coaching teachers across homes. New Life children’s home has already had its three day training. This weekend, the coaching team at Anwesha will undergo the same training. We have made it a point to get the attendees to provide us with feedback every day. It will support to work and improvise on the program for the future. By the end of October, our coaching staff across homes will be equipped with skills to use story pedagogy to make learning fun for kids!

August 28, 2014 CATEGORY: People