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Rourkela’s Troublemaker

The kid in the middle of this picture is Deepak, a young man at the Rourkela orphanage. Just a couple of years ago, Deepak wouldn’t even smile. In fact, we sponsored him for a time and had his smileless face on our refrigerator for a long time.

He definitely smiles now (I don’t have a better picture now because college students DO NOT like to be woken up at 6:00 AM and be asked for their cameras) and he’s become Rourkela orphanage’s resident trouble maker. After spending 8 hours at the home yesterday, let’s run down a quick list of Deepak’s indisrections:

Throwing rocks on the roof of the home

Catching dragonflies and chasing the girls around with them

Crawling up the slide for at least a half hour and when he got to the top, sliding back down and bringing everyone else with him

When playing Bulldog, he would just yell out “Bulldog!” whenever he wanted, making the start of each round even more chaotic

In other words, you always have to keep an eye on him, which is actually a lot of fun to do.

He’s another one of the beautful kids we got to visit over the three days we spent there. Today (Sunday) is our last day there and we head out tonight for the Bhawani orphanage.

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