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Ankit is another great kid we have at Rourkela. He’s been a big help to me when talking with the kids. When the kids speak Hindi to me, he says “English! Not Hindi!” so I can understand them. Very nice kid, Ankit.

It’s 6:45 AM right now and I’m sitting on the balcony outside our hotel room at the MayFair Hotel. A light mist is falling, the caucaphony of car horns is ever present in my ears and I don’t believe anyone else is awake. This has been one of my favorite times in India so far – morning, by myself, with nothing else going but the thoughts in my head. I’m watching the hotel staff go about their business – sweeeping the driveway, cleaning the pool deck and general hotel going ons.

The staff at the MayFair is very polite and have been nothing but fantastic every time we needed something. Except when we needed an extra bed and they took about three hours to get it to our room. And losing clothes in our laundry but finding them later. All in all, they’ve been great.

Every second of this trip I have been absorbing everything I possibly can. The sights, smells and sounds of India are so different than America (Duh!). I feel like if I shut my eyes even for a second I’m missing out.

That may explain why I got up at 6 AM today. I opened my eyes and could not justify going back to sleep with this incredible world at my doorstep.

Did I mention you should come to India??

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