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Past the hurdles to a brighter future

Ranju* was found on a train by the Trivandrum Central Police and brought to a Miracle mentored Child Care Institution (CCI) eight years ago. When we found the 10-year-old, she told us that her brother had left her on the train and said he was just coming back. Little did she know that she would land up in Trivandrum all the way from Delhi. She had recently lost both of her parents.

She struggled a lot to communicate due to the language barrier, it took her a while to learn and speak the new language. We took care of her health ailments and she recovered well with the right treatment. She was also diagnosed with a learning disability and found it hard to construct sentences and memorize words. Counseling sessions helped her a lot to gain the skills and Ranju too worked very hard under our guidance.

She recently attended a career guidance class which is proving to be a career-maker for her. She opted for the beauty and makeup courses and recently got admission to the LAKME academy. Ranju is pursuing a diploma in advanced cosmetology and hopes to excel in this field.

Ranju sometimes recalls the days when she was all alone, found abandoned in a train.  Her journey, so far, has been filled with many obstacles and challenges, but her future seems very bright. Thank you for your support in helping us take care of children from disadvantaged communities like Ranju and empower them to dream of a bright future.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.
February 9, 2022 CATEGORY: People