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Hard work and persistence pays off

Every child enters the child care system due to various reasons, but a significant number of children have someone to care for but for better opportunities and care they are sent to institutional care (CCI). We believe that these children are equally capable like others, it is just the right opportunity that makes the difference. One such story is of a child is S.Putty* from Manjampatti village, Tiruchirappalli district and since his childhood, he has been very good at studies. He lost his mother at an early age after which the environment at his home was never safe for him and his siblings. His father was an alcoholic with no source of income.

Understanding the situation, his aunt admitted the two siblings to a nearby Child Care Institution to receive care, support, and education. For the past 4 years, his aunt and maternal uncle were acting as their legal guardians.

It was difficult for the relatives to keep the children in the family due to additional expenses at home.

In the CCIs supported by Miracle Foundation coaching and higher education opportunities are an integral part of their education strengthening program. The additional coaching support helped Putty perform better at school and he passed his class 12 exams with flying colors. Soon after, on the instructions of the  District Child Protection Unit and the State Child Protection Society in Chennai along with the CCI support, Putty’s application was sent to the Maritime Foundation which offers Pre-Sea Training to become a seaman. Putty got selected along with 6 other children from different CCIs across Tamil Nadu to undergo the Seamen Training with a Scholarship of Rs.7 lakhs from the Social Defence Ministry of the Government of India. Shown here is Putty being handed over the admission documents by a senior government official.

Currently, Putty is undergoing a 6-month Pre-Sea Training course with support from the Department of Social Defence under General Purpose Ratings (GP-R) for children/youth brought under the purview of the Juvenile Justice System. After completion of the training, he will get an opportunity to take up the practical training in Ship and will be offered a job based on his performance and interest. Putty feels grateful to the CCI and Miracle Foundation but the truth is that it is his determination and zeal that helped him stand against all odds.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.
February 9, 2022 CATEGORY: People