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Meet Miracle Maker, Consero Global

Consero Global, a company based in both India and the US, has engaged their employees to raise funds for the Miracle Foundation in both countries. Thanks to Consero’s generous support, we are continuing to bring life-changing care to the world’s orphans. Consero President Bill Klein reflects on his company’s partnership with the Miracle Foundation:

Last year, several of us at Consero were fortunate enough to get to visit one of the children’s homes in India supported by the Miracle Foundation, and it was an unbelievable experience. Seeing “before” photos of the facility, the children, and what seemed like an utterly hopeless existence, and then seeing what today is a clean home with nurturing housemothers, modern classrooms, and happy children, helped me understand why the Miracle Foundation chose the name they did for their organization.

The structure, transparency, and measurability of the Miracle Foundation’s program allows them to partner with orphanages to completely change the lives of children who otherwise have no hope. With the focus on those most desperately in need, I can think of no other cause where a dollar can make a bigger difference. As an example, achieving the fundraising goal we’ve established for 2017 will provide English education to 300 children for an entire year. Learning English is a critical part of these children’s education as it increases their future earning potential by 4x, allowing them to reach their full potential and become self-sustaining members of our world community and breaking the generational cycle of poverty. As a result, their children and their children’s children will not become orphans.

I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity I saw last year from all of my friends and family in support of us hitting our goal. Consero Global is proud to raise funds for such an outstanding organization and for children who desperately need a miracle. There’s something both selfless and selfish about helping change the life of someone who has no chance without you – it feels so good to give.

Interested in learning more about how you can engage your company’s employees to create miracles for children without parents? Email Snigdha at Snigdha@MiracleFoundation.org today!