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Celebrating Christmas with Ketto & Ketto Elves

This Christmas season, we partnered with Ketto–Asia’s most trusted crowdfunding platform–to make the children at the homes we support feel loved and special!

Ketto launched the #KettoElf campaign to spread the joy of the holiday season. For every Ketto Elf who came forward, Ketto made a donation of Rs. 100 to Miracle Foundation India.

In less than 2 weeks, over 1,000 amazing Ketto Elves signed up, sending warm Christmas wishes to the children.

In total, Ketto donated Rs. 1,00,000 to Miracle Foundation India!

On Christmas Eve, Santa visited the homes we support and gave more than 1,000 orphans special Christmas gifts. Santa gave the children a variety of gifts, including water bottles, folders, pencil pouches, stationery kits, drawing books, piggy banks, and more.

Thank you Ketto and every single Ketto Elf for making this Christmas special for the kids! You rock!