The Ashakiran Children’s Care Home of Mahesh Foundation is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Home to 51 children, Ashakiran was founded by Mr. Mahesh Jadhav. These children are being brought up in an atmosphere of love and affection, and the team is dedicated to giving these children a real childhood and all the joys of growing up in a family!

Mr. Jadhav was barely 16 when he lost his father. After their father’s death, several of his five siblings left school to get jobs and help their mother make ends meet. Mr. Jadhav struggled to both work part-time and continue his studies. During this difficult time, he met a child who was admitted to a local hospital with serious injuries. The child had no one to take care of him. The hospital authorities informed Mr. Jadhav and his friends that the child’s condition was critical. Before they could do anything to help the child, he passed away. This left a deep scar in Mr. Jadhav’s mind and motivated him to make life better for children without parents or caregivers.

Shortly after, Mr. Jadhav found five children who were orphaned and homeless. He brought them into his own home and began looking after them. As time passed, other NGOs and local hospitals began referring children without parents or caregivers to him. Soon after, he found a house available for rent and moved the kids there, establishing Ashakiran Child Care Institution (CCI) the of Mahesh Foundation.

Located in a residential area, Ashakiran is a small house with a drawing room, two bedrooms, a washroom, and a kitchen. The children have a library and play materials available to use at all times. The kids are very responsible and take care of their belongings. They radiate confidence and light up the home with their cheerfulness. The children are very close, and they really value their warm family at Ashakiran.

Using our holistic approach, we are supporting Ashakiran to hire housemothers to nurture a loving, family environment. In addition, we are hiring an expert social worker to provide guidance and counseling to the children and housemothers. In order to ensure the children have a healthy, happy childhood, we are providing nutritious food, regular health checkups and vaccinations, clothing, and administrative support to Ashakiran. The kids at Ashakiran will be given regular coaching support to supplement their learning in school, and each child will participate in life skills education every month.

We are excited to be able to support the incredible leadership, caregivers, and children at Ashakiran orphanage!