In 1990, Mr. Amit Kumar Banerjee and Ms. Lata Pande founded Social Action for Manpower Creation (SAMPARC). At that time, they recognized the need in their community for an organization that would empower all children as equals. SAMPARC was formed with the purpose of giving a new identity to children from disadvantaged communities such as children of sex workers, and other destitute children.

For the past 25 years, SAMPARC has focused on the rehabilitation, care, education, and overall development of disadvantaged children. SAMPARC runs a vocational training center for school dropouts, teaching them skills for future employment. SAMPARC also empowers women with self-help groups, family counseling, and training. The organization has a significant footprint in Maharashtra.

We are so excited to welcome two SAMPARC children’s Child Care Institutes (CCIs) to the Miracle family: Balgram Poynad & Balgram Shel Pimpalgaon.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Satish Chabukshwar had a chance meeting with SAMPARC Co-Founder Mr. Banerjee. After their meeting, Mr. Chabukshwar began volunteering at a SAMPARC home. Then in 1999, Mr. Banerjee asked Mr. Chabukshwar if he would want to start another SAMPARC children’s home – the Balgram Poynad. Mr. Chabukshwar was so excited at the prospect of helping a new group of children, who needed a stable, loving, nurturing home.

Located about two hours away from Mumbai, Balgram Poynad began in a small rented room with 9 young boys and one housemother to care for them. The number of children quickly increased to 30, and in 2002 a new campus was built for the children. Balgram Poynad is now home to 45 incredible girls and boys!

Balgram Poynad and the children living there are really respected by the community. The children’s home has a strong network of supporters, and many locals are on the managing committee for the home.

Friendly and responsible, these children excel in school. A couple of them are at the top of their class! Many of the children are artistic and love to draw and paint. The walls and hallways of the home are beautifully decorated with their artwork.

Miracle Foundation will provide the children at Balgram Poynad clean water, nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, regular vaccinations, and life skills education. In addition, we will help the home hire an expert social worker, who can provide guidance and counseling to the children and housemothers.

Welcome to the Miracle family, Balgram Poynad!