A bright teen, Monisha lives in the Sunrise Village. Her father abandoned her mother before she was born. With great difficulties and pressure from the society, her mother brought Monisha and her older sister up. Her ailing mother passed away when she was all of eight years leaving the two children all alone and with nobody to look after them.

Young Monisha shown here all set for school

The sisters’ community admitted her to their convent and supported her  living and education. There were times, when she would feel upset that nobody from her family came to meet her but soon she made herself strong and accepted life the way it came .In a few months, the sisters sent her to Sunrise Village to be able to live with other children like her. Today, she is preparing for her Class 12 examinations. She feels protected and loved. She feels that she has received everything that she missed out on when she was young- ‘ a family, protection, education, love, warmth and oodles of care’.

Monisha, with one her friends

Monisha with the other kids during a LSE session

She lives in a family set-up with a mother and siblings. Her family has their own hut and  they all sit together for their meals and live like a real family. Till few years ago, she was doubtful of her future. With the support and guidance of her Sunrise family and Miracle, she is hopeful that her  life will be bright and promising.

She is thankful to all the people who have been there for her all these years. Monisha wants to dedicate her life to the betterment of other children like her.

We hope and bless you Monisha that  you get the best of everything in life!