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Anand: A wise head on young shoulders

The first memory I have of Anand is him bringing his English textbook to me and asking me to help him read his lessons. He wanted to know the correct pronunciations of words and put in all his efforts to read fluently without any mistakes. I found him to be determined and focussed.

All set for school!

Abandoned by his parents at a very young age, Ananth was brought up by his grandmother. His grandmother did everything to the best of her capacity to give him a decent upbringing.

Anand with his housemother

He was all of 9 years when he came to live in Cornerstone home. After his grandmother passed away, his maternal aunt had no choice but to leave him here. Anand was young, innocent and clueless about what course life would take now.

Today, he is happy, feels loved and cared for.He feels that his fellow mates treat him as their own brother which makes him feel important and wanted.

Snack time with the other kids

Anand says that Cornerstone has always  fulfilled all his needs. He is content that he is being able to go to school and study.Anand aspires to become a good teacher. He wishes to help poor children like himself and contribute to the progress of Cornerstone home in whatever way he can.

Anand loves Math! Shown here solving a Math problem during coaching

It always gives us a sense of joy to know that these kids are grateful for whatever little they have and are hopeful that their life will only get better now. They are growing up to be good human beings and  will solemnly put their best foot forward in every step they take.

January 9, 2014 CATEGORY: People

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