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Girls at Gokul!

Gokul, home to 39 bright girls, is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The girls at the home are under the care of a dedicated and loving staff. In 1964, the founding members of Gokul saw the need for a Child Care Institute (CCI) to support underprivileged and vulnerable girls in the community – and they quickly met that need. Thus, Gokul was established.

Gokul was founded by Indira Halbe and Mrs. & Mr. Narkar. Indira Halbe has passed away, but the Narkars continue to dedicate their lives to the children at Gokul. Mrs. Narkar is actively involved in the overall development of the girls and has made efforts to rehabilitate the older girls into foster care with trusted families in the community. She works hard to continuously raise the standard of care given to the girls. Mr. Narkar is the Chief Functionary of Gokul, and is dedicated to ensuring these girls grow up in a stable, loving, nurturing home.

Gokul sits on a large campus that is home to both the orphanage and a primary school. The campus has lots of greenery and large open spaces for the girls to play. In addition, Gokul has a large multi-purpose room for activities and a clean hygiene block for all to use.

The girls at Gokul are happy, healthy, and cheerful. Several of the girls study in a local private school, while others attend the district Government school. All the girls receive after-school tutoring to reinforce the lessons they are learning in school in fun, creative ways.

The girls are talented dancers and are trained in classical Indian dance forms. They are responsible and help with chores around the home as well. The kids are growing up in a motivating, positive atmosphere – and they are thriving!

As we take Gokul into incubation, we will provide them with housemothers to create a loving, family environment. We are hiring an expert social worker to provide guidance and counseling to the children and housemothers. In addition, we are providing nutritious (delicious!) food, regular health checkups and vaccinations, life skills education, and admin support. We will empower the girls to reach their full potential and become independent women!

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to partner with the incredible leadership, caregivers, and children at Gokul. Join us on this beautiful journey and be the miracle for these amazing children!