The Erode CCI is home to 55 joyful and responsible girls. Located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the CCI was founded by the Salesian Sisters Society.

In 2007, the community recognized the need for a CCI in the area. And thus, Erode was founded. Located on a large campus, Erode has a lot of space for the girls to run around and play.

The girls at the home are cared for by Sister Arul, who is warm and kind. Sister Arul is constantly engaging with the girls and staff and is very open to new ideas when they benefit the girls.

All the girls at the home are enrolled in the local Government school. After school, they receive supplemental tutoring to ensure they are learning the skills necessary to become independent, thriving women.

The staff loves the girls at Erode unconditionally and is devoted to giving them high-quality care. And the girls are energetic, encouraging, and expressive. They address each other as “akka” (sister) and the older girls naturally take on the responsibility of caring for the young ones. The girls are very observant of the staff and try to follow their example.

The girls have a full schedule that includes study time, play time, and chores. The staff and girls at Erode are one big family.

As we take Erode into incubation, we will provide them with nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, regular vaccinations, life skills education, and admin support. In addition, we will help the CCI hire an expert social worker to provide guidance and counselling for the children and housemothers.

Thanks to our incredible supporters, we are able to partner with Erode and support the children there. Will you join us and be the miracle for these incredible girls?