Woke up to rain and cool weather.  Sooch village is so different from the Sooch I visited in August.  My last trip ended as the monsoon season began.  Everything was brown, hot, and dry.

Today the cricket field is a bright green.  The flower garden roses are in bloom and the gardens are being tilled for planting.  This region receives so much rain and the water table is so high that there are actually rice patties in the fields outside of Sooch.

We met with Sosan, Jyoti, Prabha for the entire afternoon.  Jyoti was unable to meet with us as she had an urgent matter to handle.  These women are the heart and soul of the organization. They have worked tirelessly to bring TMF India to where it is today.  We have so great of respect for each one of these women and what they have done and will do for the organization.