Kalpana, a young woman who grew up at Rourkela children’s home in Odisha (formerly Orissa), was recently accepted to college! After receiving her acceptance letter, Kalpana reached out to Miracle Foundation and asked if we could help her get a scholarship. We immediately set up a meeting for Kalpana with a career counselor, who helped Kalpana discover her passion for nursing. We’re so proud of Kalpana and know she’ll do great things.

How are we sending Kalpana and 193 other students to college? With a lot of help from our incredible Ambassadors.

In June, we posed a challenge to our Ambassadors to raise money for our Miracle Foundation scholarship fund. Twenty-four Ambassadors accepted the challenge and raised enough money to send 90 students to college!

Special thanks to:
-Ed Goble, for raising the most money as an individual
-Rachel Carneglia, for bringing in the highest number of donations
-Fundraising team “Ambassadors for Change” (Shelley Seale, Kathleen Evans, Grafton Balko, Jody Castano, Cole Uhrig, Chris Porter, Raime Heyneker, Sandy Seale, Keith Hajovsky), for raising the most money as a team

Thanks to you and your miracle-making friends & family, we’re able to support Kalpana and 193 other students with college scholarships. Together, we are changing the lives of children, giving them a quality education and broadening the scope of what’s possible for their futures. Isn’t this fun?