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Day 2 – Sooch Vilage – Khunti India

So India is still a “box of chocolates” – you just never know what you’re gonna get…Katy found out that when you sit on baby play mats that you actually end up with a bum as wet as a baby’s bottom (diapers here are not exactly absorbent)…Austin found generosity in 2 year olds when Chaman gave away all his rice. ..and then there’s Millie, a new child to the home who surprised me by smiling immediately, unusual with children first arrive to such a new beginning. But after only 2 weeks, Millie smiles a lot and always wants to hold my hand. She is tall for her 8 years and loves her new home and especially the bed she has on her OWN! The kids are less shy on this trip and ready to play with just a little encouragement. And then there was e rain! Like I have never seen. But it is the tail of Monsoon season and our garden at Sooch is lush and thriving because it. Off to bed to prepare for another big day at Sooch tomorrow.