Hello MiracleFoundation.org visitors!

I want to welcome you to The Bulldog Blog, The Miracle Foundation’s blog about our work in India.

The Bulldog Blog is going to be a casual living room of sorts, where you can read stories about our trips to India; watch videos featuring our children; and view plenty of pictures of our kids too.

The Bulldog Blog began as a chronicle of our August 2008 IMPACT Travel tour to India.  It will continue now as a repository for all things interesting related to The Miracle Foundation.  Like with most blogs, ours will be ever evolving and we’ll continue to bring you exciting content on a daily basis.

I want to encourage you to comment and to send us any interesting tidbits about India, orphans or information from your own travels. We’d love to hear from each and everyone one of you.

You reach me at Chris@MiracleFoundation.org if you have any questions or suggestions. Make sure you browse around the site and take a look at the archives posted to the right.

Thank you and make sure you come back often and visit!

Chris Thorman

The Miracle Foundation