The Aarambh Child Care Institution (CCI) is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh – our first home in this state. Home to 34 boys, Aarambh is the brainchild of Mr. Anup Kishore and his wife Archana.

Aarambh (Advocacy for Alternative Resources Action Mobilization and Brotherhood) was established in 1992 in Bhopal. And in 2000, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation called upon Aarambh to take over a project running an orphanage for the rehabilitation of street children in Indore.

Both of the Kishores hold Master’s degrees in Social Work, and both have achieved big milestones in their respective careers. With passion and hard work, Archana first established a primary school while her husband focused on community work and ensured that children from the community received pre-school and remedial education.

Located in a residential area, the Aarambh campus houses a large three-story building. The ground floor is used as an office, and the children’s dormitory and bathrooms are on the first floor. Adjacent to the dormitory is a huge open balcony. Every day after school, you can find the children settled comfortably, playing carrom and monopoly. The kitchen and the dining room are on the second floor. The boys have comfortable bunk beds to sleep on and personal lockers to keep their belongings. All of them go to a local school nearby.

There is a strong unspoken bond among the children. You can always find them sitting in groups playing together. The older boys are protective of the younger ones. These kids are helpful, wise, and value the warm family Aarambh is to them.

Using our holistic approach, we are providing Aarambh with housemothers to create a loving, family environment. We are hiring an expert social worker to provide guidance and counseling to the children and housemothers. In order to ensure the children lead a life of quality, we are providing nutritious food, regular health checkups and vaccinations, and administrative support to Aarambh. To empower each child, we will conduct education interventions and provide life skills education. We will give the boys everything that they need to thrive!

We look forward to working with Aarambh’s incredible leadership, caregivers, and children, and we are thrilled to take you along on this journey as we nourish the hearts, minds, and bodies of the children at Aarambh!