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Welcome New Life Children’s Home!

The New Life Child Care Institution (CCI) joined the Miracle family in October 2013. Located in the Indian state of Telangana, New Life was founded in 2006 by Mr. Vinay Kumar Arepally, who was raised in a hostel and had a very difficult childhood. After completing his Master’s degree in Sociology, Mr. Arepally began planning to establish a CCI to care for local children in need. He conducted an initial survey in his district and found that migration in the area was very high due to lack of employment opportunities and scarcity of water and food. Some parents abandoned their children or left them behind with their grandparents to find better livelihood options. The results of his survey created a sense of urgency to help these children by establishing a CCI locally.

New Life is situated in a rented building surrounded by a supportive community. The home has four rooms, a kitchen, a store room, four toilets and two bathrooms on the ground floor. Mr. Arepally and his wife, Sarita, together provide loving care for the 48 children at the CCI.

Before Miracle Foundation began working with New Life, funding was scarce, making it difficult to provide basic necessities for the children. Despite all that, the Miracle Foundation team found the children to be confident, cheerful and attached to their New Life family.

New Life has always made education a priority. With support from the New Life staff, the children are excelling in their studies and many are among the top of their respective classes. We know with supplemental tutors, nutritious meals to fuel their minds and our other interventions, these children will thrive!

Today, the children are receiving three nutritious meals every day including vegetables, milk, protein and fruits, health check-ups by local doctors, tutors so they can further excel in school, and so much more. Together, we are empowering these children to reach their full potential.