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Welcome Bal Asha Ghar to the Miracle family

This month, we are starting to support Bal Asha Ghar Child Care Institution (CCI), located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Bal Asha Ghar is home to 54 boys.

The home is led by Chief Program Coordinator Satish Mali. He began working at Bal Asha Ghar as a counselor – and introduced several initiatives that taught the children how to nurture each other and their caregivers to develop strong family bonds.


The boys at Bal Asha Ghar are responsible and respectful. They treat everyone in their home as one big family.


The boys are also really smart and brimming with energy. Many boys from Bal Asha Ghar are now in college, and some work as auditors, engineers, health inspectors, hotel managers, and more.

We are excited to begin working with Bal Asha Ghar, to ensure all the boys receive quality healthcare, tutoring, life skills education, and adequate nutrition. We will work with Bal Asha Ghar to hire loving housemothers for the boys and an expert social worker to provide guidance and counseling for the kids and staff.